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Tank Commander - English


During WWII the world wide conflict split the world into three factions, covering one and all in the smoke of destruction....Lead your own battle group in the strive for honor and glory as a commander on the burning battle field, fighting other commanders in a world where the strong prey on the weak.
Come on, commander! Fight for honor and glory! The battle field is waiting for you!
Authentic - 100 historical tanksPrecisely drawn authentic tanks helps to bring you back to WWII
Control - manage your team of tanks as you wishUpgrade, enhance, use special parts, and choose formation for your tanks. As commander, you are in charge of everything!
Classical campaigns - participate in key battlesExperience Blitzkrieg first hand during the Invasion of Poland, change the outcome at El Alamein, or take part in many other campaigns in the strive for victory!
Brothers in arms - fight with your friendsCreate your own brigade and measure your power against others in the quest for world domination!Advanced technology - improve your weapons to hit your enemies even harderResearch the latest technology to make your team stronger. Upgrade your weapons and armor to crush your enemies!
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